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How the Digital Economy Is Changing Future Of Business #Cloudtalk

Hosts Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman discuss a wide range of topics ranging around the future of work, cloud computing and technologies impact on today’s digital business.

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Live Thursday at Noon ET! Watch the replay below and see the questions for the twitter chat listed below the Blab video!

Twitter Chat Questions For This Episode:

Q1. By 2020, information will reinvent or eliminate 80% of biz processes & products. What new skillsets will be required?  #CloudTalk

Q2. 96% of marketers cite data-informed decisions as high importance, What impact does this have on business today? #Cloudtalk

Q3. Unlike their millennial predecessors, Gen Z is mobile-first and mobile-only, What must SMBs change to embrace this? #Cloudtalk

Q4. Within the next 3 years, data created by #IoT devices will reach 403 trillion GB annually. What’s business impact of #IoT? #Cloudtalk

Q5. By 2030, 2 billion jobs will disappear as a result of tech advances.  What NEW careers & industries do you see emerging? #Cloudtalk

Supporting content from our sponsor SAP that led today’s conversation!

99 Facts on the Future of Business in the Digital Economy from SAP
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Twitter Recap of this weeks show:

Daniel Newman

After 12 years of running technology companies including a CEO appointment at the age of 28, I traded the corner office for a chance to drive the discussion on how the digital economy is going to forever change how business is done. I'm an MBA, adjunct business professor and 5x author of best-selling business books including "The Millennial CEO" and "The New Rules of Customer Engagement." Pianist, soccer fan, husband and father, not in that order. Oh and for work...I'm the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of V3 Broadsuite, a family of marketing and media agencies that help companies be found, seen and heard in a cluttered digital world. I also give keynote speeches around the world on the topics such as digital transformation, technology and marketing.

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